Why CVA?

You are a busy professional – that’s why you are here! So we are going to keep this to the point. There are other businesses that provide support, so why should you use CVA?

6 reasons why CVA

  • Massively experienced: 30,000+hrs experience!
  • Cost saving: *10hrs a month for 11.50 a day!
  • Quick & Easy to get started – No recruitment headache!
  • Bye to employer costs: We provide equipment, No NI/tax etc & no payroll!
  • Your right hand (wo)men: A ready-made team so you are always covered!
  • Flexibility: Have a quiet month? Don’t pay for staff to sit around!


CVA’s 6 promises to you

  1. Support for life & business – We have got you!
  2. Friendly – We will not judge EVER!
  3. Honest – We are completely transparent – Don’t lie just to get you to sign up!
  4. Reliable – We go above & beyond to support you
  5. Consistent – The support you get at the beginning is the support you get throughout
  6. Understanding – Last minute things come up – we understand!

Overall, we believe the saying ‘Don’t just dream it, do it!’






*Calculation based on 10hr retainer package of £23 per hour.