Services & Rates

Here at CVA I want to get to know you to ensure you receive the support both you and your business need & deserve so we offer a FREE 1hour Breakthrough call via phone or Skype to discuss your business, your business goals and how both you & CVA can work together. Having a call means we can not only check we are the right fit but also determine the right package/project for you or if pay, as you go (£25ph), works best.

All of my services below provide preferential rates for clients on a retainer package -Please click on the package to see more information.




Diamond | Minimum 10-hour retainer required | £23 per hour | Payment made up front | All tasks inclusive



Sapphire | Minimum 12-hour retainer required | £22 per hour | Payment made up front | Only tasks here included



Emerald | Minimum 15-hour retainer required | £21 per hour | Payment made up front | Only tasks here included




We are able to provide packaged support aimed at your individual needs such as Secretarial support, Marketing support (Please note we are not Marketers so able to help with tasks but not strategically setting up a marketing plan), Group moderating, Research/prospecting and many more. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.




**Please note that all retainers require payment up front, and are valid for 4 weeks only after payment received.

***Payment made via Bank transfer

****Additional costs for printer consumables, post, stationery etc will be charged at cost and mileage at 48p per mile