Is there a minimum amount of hours I need to purchase to use your services?
No, we work as flexible as possible, allowing payment by the hour and packages.

Am I entered into a contract?
No, there is no contract, you can use us every month or ad-hoc to suit your needs

What are the benefits to me of using a Virtual Assistant?
Key benefits to you are:
-More free time to spend how you like, whether it be quality family time or more time meeting clients and building your Business – the choice is yours
-Flexible hours, meaning you are not required to use the same amount of hours monthly and you are able to spread them over the course of 4 weeks
-Help during busy times
-Competitive rates, with a professional & reliable assistant
-You pay for the hours you use
-No need to provide office space or work equipment
-Holiday pay & sick pay are a thing of the past
-Less Stress!

How do I pay?
You are able to pay by Bank Transfer

How do I know my work/details will be treated confidentially?
We guarantee 100% confidentiality with both your details and work by making sure documents are not saved for longer than needed and once sent to you they are deleted here. We are also happy to sign a confidentiality agreement if requested by you, and you are able to check our DBS record.
Anything else, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!