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6 tips to a more productive home office

Are you feeling overwhelmed? In turn, you are losing focus & lacking in productivity? Did you know that by clearing your workspace you can clear your mind too? Having a clean, decluttered workspace increases productivity and saves an average of 4.3hrs a week! 

Is it time you got your workspace in order?

Here are CVA’s tips to help you get your workspace looking and feeling great.

1.Go Digital!

Try to limit how much paperwork you need will drastically declutter your workspace, and it will also help with GDPR too – bonus! So, next time to go to click print pause and ask yourself do I really need this printed out? Can I save it in my folders instead?

2. Be ruthless!

If you have not used it in 48hrs put it away! You should limit the number of items that are on your desk to allow more space for the necessary items, so be ruthless when storing stuff away, by asking have I used this? Do I need this item every day? If you answer no put it on a shelf or in a draw.

3. Work out what works for you! 

Everyone will organise differently according to what works for the individual, so make sure you set out a plan that works for you. I keep everything workwise within reachable distance, on a shelving unit in the corner and in my desk draws. I have draws for electrics (inc chargers), a draw for stationary & a draw for folders. On my shelf, I have clearly labelled filing trays with to do, personal, work & shelf for my notebook of ideas!

4. Utilise space around you! 

We don’t all have the luxury of a home office, I have a corner in my dining room that is my workspace. But, making the most of the space around is absolutely necessary so use wall space for documents used every day e.g. Social media plan, yearly calendar overview of launches etc. It is also good to have a divider to really make space more sectioned off from home life – make it your sanctuary!

5. Pick your office position wisely! 

It is really important to try and position your workspace somewhere close to natural light or at least have a window close by. However, do not position yourself so close to a window especially if you have a busy street view as you will get distracted – if you are in view of a busy street try to position your desk so you have your back to the window. Add a plant if you can too, it really makes your space around feel fresher.

6. Get into a routine!

Make sure you are spending time daily/weekly to keep your space in tip-top condition. Make it part of your day to put items away when you finish up – just like you would if you were in an office. Also, make time each week to dust and clean your workspace to keep it feeling fresh & clean – clean desk, clean mind!

These are our top tips and we hope you found them useful, now give yourself permission to spend some time getting your workspace sorted – your future self will thank you for it! Plus it is likely to only take half a day maximum initially and if you keep it up then likely to take 5 minutes out of your day – which will not make your day longer and you will have been more productive anyway with a better workstation!

Let us know how you get on and share pictures of your improved workspace!