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Ultimate time management strategies

Something we never have enough of, something we cannot turn back, I am of course talking about time! It is the biggest excuse we all give to not getting what we need to done, but should we be making excuses or should we be using it more wisely?

I believe we should be smarter with time

No matter how much we wish, nothing will change unless we change to a smarter way of life. So with that in mind, I hear you thinking, HOW!

Here are our ultimate time management tips to help you on your way to a more time-efficient you.

Get clear on what you need to achieve!

Without a plan, it is so easy to get distracted and lose focus on what needs to get done. Having a task list that works for you is a great way to do this, I love Asana but Todoist is also great – take your pick!

Move over interruptions!

Stop letting your email rule your time! Overall, the biggest distraction is email but it definitely doesn’t need to be. In order to keep on track with what you need to achieve that day mute your email – I use Gmail & it has a handy pause button. So, I don’t mean ignore your clients, but just make sure you are in control of your email and not the other way around, we do this by checking emails at set intervals throughout the day and pausing it when it is not email time.

Multitasking, no more!

Yes, there is a myth out there that multitasking actually gets things done in a quicker time than doing them one by one but I am busting this myth! It actually makes you a lot less productive as you are not focusing on the task in hand, and often you can think great I’m getting it done quicker – But I challenge you to actually complete the tasks separately, I assure you, it will be quicker & more productive with a better quality outcome – Plus you will feel clear in your mind, not all chaotic!


Setting goals is a great way to stay clear & on top of time. It links into having a plan, but if you have a plan without goals then it is just a dream, right? Planning is the first step, but then you need to task the plan into bite-sized chunks to make sure you achieve it. Generally, yearly, quarterly, monthly & daily goals work really well as it enables you to set big goals (yearly), but then separate them into small goals (tasks) that you can work away at, all leading up to the eventual achievement of the big goal!

How is your workspace?

Having an uncluttered workspace is so important to keep your mind on the job and where it needs to be. If you have a messy desk, your mind is going to be messy! So set time aside and have a truth session with your workspace!

Celebrate achieving goals

Making sure you are celebrating your goals is a big one, it keeps you going. If you have a big goal and you are working your butt off to achieve it, be kind to yourself and celebrate success looking at how far you’re coming, not how far you still have to go!

Kick procrastination out

Find out when your time during the day is when you are most productive. For me, it is in the morning so I am up early, and I use this time to do the tasks I don’t like as much or tend to put off doing. By doing this I have reduced procrastination massively, as I am then set for the day with tasks I love – Give it a try!

Routine & get organised!

Obviously, coming from me I would have to write about being organised, won’t I? I really cannot say how much having a routine helps a busy working mum like me. The kids love it as they know exactly what we are doing after each other and it combats stress or frantically looking around or remembering to do stuff. An example, my daughter comes home from school, I make sure I pack her bag for the following day whilst I am cooking dinner!

Delegate your way

I don’t just mean outsource work, but encouraging the family to help out is great, especially with kiddies. It doesn’t just help you out but it provides a great starting point for the world around them, and my kids love helping me clean! Or, maybe they just like the pocket money? Anyhow delegating chores as well as business tasks is a great way to get more time in the day.

Shall we lunch?

Although many people think by having a break they will fall behind on what they are doing, it is actually not true at all! Having a break is essential to keep you focused, and actually helps your creative side with ideas, plans etc – clears your mind! So, ok, maybe not take an hour but trying short regular breaks if your prefer – Take care of you & you will take care of your business!

So, here it is CVA’s ultimate guide to keeping on track, do you have any tips to add? Have you tried any of our tips out? Comment and let us know!