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Why CVA is different to other outsourced business support

There are so many options out there for outsourcing your business support so why would you choose CVA? Why us? Why now?

Very good questions, so let us answer below!

1.Fixed fee option

If you have tasks to repeat each month we can set you a fixed fee, so you know exactly how much it costs a month. It keeps your budgeting nice and easy!

2. Over 30,000 hours of experience

And that is just Charlotte! Having experience in the corporate world means we have high standards & expectations along with knowledge of big corporate companies. The knowledge can be passed through work such as processes.

3. Consistency

Pride ourself on providing consistent support by learning about you and your business.  In turn, this gives a smooth handover of workload along with giving you confidence that work is how you want it done.

4. No setup fee!

Financials are important to business owners, and we get it. You need to save money where you can so by outsourcing to CVA you do just that and save money. There is no agency fee, no recruitment fee, no equipment outlay, no HR overhead costs, no training fees and absolutely no ongoing financial commitment!

5. Increased focus

As a business owner, you need to work on your business rather than in your business and the first step is to delegate! Why not start by outsourcing small tasks to see how beneficial it is? By fully focusing on your business you are able to grow rather than stay stagnant

6. Business to business mind

Having another head is so beneficial in business. Our minds can often become so chaotic that having an opinion of someone who gets it is invaluable! CVA has a vested interest in helping you & your business – afterall, you grow, we grow!

7. Friendly & understanding

Sometimes business is tough, but we get it! We are an ear when you need one to solve those problems you have – big or small! Don’t carry the burden yourself lets us help – No criticism over here!

8. Confidential & trusted

CVA take your confidentiality very seriously, we would never break your trust – anything that is said goes no further, along with your personal details! We are a member of the ICO to add that bit more trust

9. Take care of tasks that are not your forte.

No one can be the master of everything, so we take care of the tasks that are not your forte. You aren’t expected to be an expert at everything so don’t try. This just leads to burnout and overwhelm which in turn ends up with the tasks you love suffering.

10. Be part of our mission! 

We are on a mission to give back a total of 100,000 hours by 2028 – Who doesn’t like a challenge?

Overall, we truly believe ‘don’t just dream it, do it!’ and we want to help you achieve your goals & get where you want to be. In business, it is easy to give up when you are not where you want to be or expected to be, but we are your cheerleader to keep you going, get you on track and keep you productive. So, as you have seen we are more than an outsourcing team, we are part of your team without the costs!

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