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Collaborate or compete?

Business can be a lonely place, especially when you are a one (wo)man band, but have you ever thought why it is lonely? Have you ever considered that you have made it lonely?

Well, I have

And my findings were I was looking at other professionals in my industry as competition whereas actually, these are the people I should collaborate with, not compete against. No one knows your pains like another person having the same pains!

No, no I’m not crazy. 

We seclude ourselves in the hope that your ‘competition’ will not pinch one of your clients, or that you need to get one up on your competition to get all the clients you possibly can! This couldn’t be further from the truth. Realistically every single one of us is different, we have a different skill set, we have different personalities even our offerings are different. So, while yes, your competition may get a client you lost it just means that client wasn’t right for you – they were looking for something different which is fine – we aren’t all going to resonate with everyone, are we! And part of a business is accepting that you ‘can’t win them all’!

So, my findings are don’t compete, collaborate! 

Sure, not everyone will want to collaborate but the great ones will. Collaborating comes with huge benefits too, for both you & your clients this is how.

  1. Referral network! You are not the master of all so don’t pretend to be and refer work to someone that is the master of that task – They are sure to return the favour so don’t think of it as a loss, think of it as a good thing because that client will thank you for it and shout about you from the rooftops.
  2. Share learnings! There is nothing better than expanding on your skillset & learnings and where better than to learn from others within your industry. Not just learn new skills but mainly trade information & opinions about industry trends – keeping each other up to date.
  3. Celebrate with each other! Have someone that gets it! Gets how hard it has been to achieve a goal, celebrate each other’s successes and offer advice when things aren’t going your way. It changes your life! And you get excited to share the news without having to explain the steps you had to take & why!
  4. Support network! Need holiday cover and know it will be done well? Drowning in work one week and need an extra pair of hands? You are in safe hands when you have built a relationship and can ask for help when you need it without posting on social media and being inundated with ‘I can help’ messages.

These are just the main points I have figured out, but of course, there are tons more. Even needing a bit of advice on a situation, having a network of others in your industry works so well & stops this following feeling of they are doing this so should I! I’m not saying to befriend everyone, as not all will want to connect and others may have hidden agendas to try and poach a client BUT you will be able to tell this once speaking regularly!

So, what are you waiting for? Get connecting!

And of course, we would love to connect with you! Go to our website & lets chat