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DIY vs Outsourcing to an expert, which one are you?

Are you the DIY’er or the Outsourcer? Being a DIY’er is not the wrong answer, but it is also not the most efficient neither and here is why.

You cannot be an expert at everything! 

That’s right, there is a huge difference between being an expert at a particular task and getting it done. An expert will be able to make things better & add value as it is their line of work, it is what they do day in day out just like you do for your industry.

So, an example you are a cleaner, I am a VA – But I can clean too can’t I? Yes, but a cleaner has a plan, a strategy, to get it done well & fast – how many of us forget to hoover the ceiling for cobwebs? A cleaner will not only do a better job than me at cleaning but they will also be quicker than me. And this goes the other way too, that most people are able to do their own admin but it takes longer & it is not done as efficiently.

You will not enjoy everything!

Again, a very valid reason for outsourcing is because you will not enjoy every task you have to do. If you don’t enjoy it, your productivity will be much lower & you will not love your business as you should.

For example, I hate ironing, sure I can do it but I would much prefer to pay an expert to do it as they enjoy it, it is going to be done well & faster – Plus it stops my procrastinating & I am able to use the time I would have spent ironing doing billable work therefore actually saving me money.

You are wasting your time by not outsourcing!

Look at it this way, there are certain tasks which you would not be allowed to do unless qualified, things like boiler repairs, building a house etc you need a professional to do it. So, although you are able to find ‘how to guides’ online for each of these jobs, you still shouldn’t DIY it – It is dangerous! Although yes, the above has rules because it is dangerous but It is a great example of people specialising in particular fields.

An example we can all relate to, how many times have you bought a shed and decided to put it together rather than paying extra to have it erected by a professional? Save money right? WRONG! An expert would come in and have that shed completed in at least half the time it would take me. Not only does it take double the time, have you ever tried to follow the instructions? – Do not get me started with that!

I don’t know about you, but I have definitely learnt that I am certainly not the ‘jack of all trades’ and although I can get things done it is not always time & money saving by doing so.

Have you had experiences of putting furniture together? I would love to hear your stories!

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