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Hacks to maximise your inbox management

Inbox management, yes I know we have all been there. Thousands of emails from everywhere and it ends up being a deep dark hole where emails get forgotten or even missed. Should it be this way? Feeling anxious every time you open your inbox, feeling out of control, don’t know what is where and when it comes to having to find that receipt for your tax return it ends up with half a day searching!

With this in mind, here are my tips to help you get the inbox people envy – the organised inbox!

Gmail is your friend & amazing!

I absolutely love Gmail with all the additional features and add-ons you can have to make your life easier. You can set up canned responses for emails that you regularly send out, pause your inbox to allow some much-needed tech detox time, integrate Toggl/Asana/Insightly and many other great apps so you’re in one place – and these are just a few of the hidden gems!

Rules, keep things in check!

Setting up rules for emails from certain people etc can go straight into the relevant folder keeping your inbox clear for emails you need to take action on. So, an example you know all those newsletters you receive that are really helpful but not urgent? Well set up a rule to send those emails straight to a ‘read later’ folder and you can schedule a time to read using this folder as an archive of all things learning.

Boomerang! Yes, the app not the toy! 

Boomerang is super helpful, it is an app you can add onto your Gmail to schedule emails to be sent at a later date, reoccurring emails automatically sent and even chase replies if nothing has been received on a certain date – clever huh? Pretty much automating your emails! Amazing.

Get some order with folders! 

Setting up folders for emails is essential to keeping your inbox in check. Not only does this make it easy to revert to previous emails at a later date but it also means you can set up rules again for particular emails. Maybe you are collating responses for an event from 500 people, you are not going to take action each time and definitely don’t want a swamped inbox of responses so set up a folder & a rule for responses to be filed automatically to that folder.

Are you the visual kind? Me too! 

Which leads me to my last tip, you can set themes! So, whether you like to sit back and see a beautiful beach view, or prefer the wintery scenes there’s an image for everyone’s preference and it makes a huge difference to have a pretty picture rather than a plain background! Makes the inbox more personalised, and more inviting.

While these tips are just a small amount of the amazing features Gmail has to offer, they are super helpful and can make a real difference to your inbox life!

Is your inbox full to the brim and you need a bit of an inbox clear out but don’t have the time or energy to get dug in? CVA can do it for you and then provide you tips to prevent the inbox overwhelm for future.

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