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6 tips to being more productive each day

One thing that all business owners want is more time, and although you can buy more time by outsourcing tasks, not everyone is in a position to do so which means you need to work smarter to get maximum productivity from your day. So, you need to be asking yourself how can I be more productive each and every day.

To help you along here are CVA’s top tips to help you achieve a smarter life routine.

 1. Of course, as obvious as it sounds the first step is to get organised!

To some, this is a scary thought when you are not an organised person, but it is absolutely essential you give it your best shot. Find a process that works for you and if you are caring for a family too then get them involved. I used Asana it is an amazing project management tool that I use to organise the business and team as well as personal life – Kind of an all in one! We have tasks that need to be done, shopping lists, projects that are going on, the progress of projects, capacity – literally everything for life & business is in my asana…. PLUS, it is free!

2. Routine! Yes, some hate routines but for me, it is a must! 

Getting into a routine makes things easier to get done, especially for me when my small kids know what they do when they wake up! If everything is chaotic in the morning the rest of your day is guaranteed to be the same. Set alarms if you need to in order to!

3. Take breaks, no I’m not going mad. 

No matter how busy you are, breaks should be part of your schedule. Research has shown that regular breaks increase your productivity so essentially the longer you work the less productive you are, so a 15minute break means you get more done than working through that 15minutes!

4. Stop multitasking! Not only can this lead to silly mistakes, but it also means things take longer than expected when you are not fully focused on one thing. 

Although in some situations multitasking is good, for example cooking dinner whilst listening to a podcast. However, multitasking with work can lead to disaster and actually means you do not get the tasks completed any sooner than if you were concentrating on them individually. Mistakes are made which can damage your reputation for being great at what you do!

5. Get healthy! Get up earlier & drink water straight away. 

Although this doesn’t sound fun, it is a game changer. I get up at 5am every day and drink a glass of water and ever since I started doing so I saw improvements after a week. I was more switched on, I was happier, have more energy and generally feel better within myself. So give it a try, nothing ventured and all that!

6. Have tasks you hate or are challenging? Get them done straight away so you are not thinking on it and making excuses to not do it! 

We all have tasks we wish we didn’t have to do but unfortunately, we are not going to love everything – that would be strange right? So make sure you complete those tasks in the morning, otherwise, you find yourself talking you out of doing it and your day gets carried away. Getting up at 5am helps with this one!

So, there you have it, top tips to try out and create a productive you that you love! Don’t just read and carry on, try a tip out, you will be pleasantly surprised.

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