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6 tips for a relaxing mobile detox holiday

So the holiday season is well and truly in the swing of things, with many busy professionals like you taking family holidays. With that in mind surely now is the time to take a holiday phone detox. Yes, I can sense the nervousness you have with even the thought of being offline for a week or maybe even more, but it is an essential part of avoiding burnout and much-needed family time is essential.

Business is important but so are you!

Most professionals do not take a proper holiday where they are switched off completely and just enjoying spending time with their family. This upsets me, as I am a firm believer we should all have at least one real break a year to stay at our best and not have regrets about not spending time as a family. Afterall, as parents, we have all experienced some form of guilt in our lives whether that be not seeing the family as much as we would like, missing events such as birthdays, sports days etc or even being stressed so snapping.

That’s where a phone holiday detox comes in!

I challenge you to take a week as a real holiday to see the benefits in doing so every year, you will not be disappointed. By holiday it does not need to be abroad, or even out of your home county but just a break where you are not pre occupied or waiting on emails before you can relax. So here are my tips for you to do just that!

1. Download Offtime 

Offtime is great as it blocks your phone for anything that distracts you such as social media, texts, calls etc and even gives you an update once your break is over and you are reconnected to your phone! So no excuse!

2. Set a schedule

If you really cannot cope with having a full detox, why not try the next best thing and set a schedule to check in? You can do this easily by setting times when you can check up on emails, social media etc to put your mind at ease. I recommend doing this for a maximum of 2 hours a day though (1hr in the morning and 1 hour in the evening)!

3. Full planning ahead of your holiday

Get everything up straight before you go and make sure you have let everyone know you are not contactable for those dates. If you have a team make sure they are fully aware of responsibilities to keep things ticking over smoothly.

4. Go back to nature! 

Yes, really why not go camping in the forest or somewhere that takes you back to basics where you can just be a family and enjoy each other’s company. Going into the sticks also has the added benefit of not having or very limited phone signal and wifi.

5. Step away from the phone! 

Leave your phone at home while you are away or if you are staying at home turn it off and put it in the back of your cupboard – out of sight out of mind!

6. Set yourself a challenge! 

If your anything like me once I have set myself a challenge, I am determined not to give in! So why not set yourself a 7-day challenge and tell people about it. Splash it all over Facebook, groups, tell clients etc to keep you accountable.

If you have worries about your business being left for the duration of your holiday and you don’t currently have any team members why not outsource your business to us to support you. We will deal with everything just the way you request and you will be fully briefed upon your return.

So, here are my top tips to help you on your way to a better work-life balance. Tell me how you get on below.

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