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6 tips to keeping on top of those changing Marketing trends

Marketing. One of the most essential parts of a successful business, after all, without marketing how do people know you exist! Although absolutely essential it is very hard to keep on top of the changing trends – Often you feel like you have it all figured out, and then 5minutes later you have to change strategy to stay on top, but how do you know that if you have not followed trends?

Don’t be left behind your competitors!

So to help you figure it out, I have listed my top tips to stay in trend.

  1. Blog posts – Yes, there are loads of blogs, but you need to figure out which is the most helpful to you and then subscribe to be kept in the know as soon as things change. I love Social media examiner to follow digital trends.
  2. Google alerts – If you are not using them, you definitely should be! Google is bursting with knowledge so make use of it. By setting up Google alerts you can set to receive regular updates via email regarding industries of interest – A bit like your personalised news board!
  3. Events – Do you know what events are running for your industry? You should do your research every 6 months and attend as many events as relevant to you. Events like conferences are amazing not only to network but to build on your knowledge from the industry expert speakers. WARNING: Events can be costly so make sure you take time to research them fully to see if they are what you need.
  4. Governing body – Make sure you are a member of the industry standards body such as CIM. They will be first to update relevant standards & news so worth signing up and gaining regular updates. Not only that but you also come across more trustworthy as a business to your potential customers!
  5. Competitors – Yes, you don’t want to be following, but keeping an eye on your competitors can keep you ahead of the game. Making sure you are not falling behind – carry out regular research!
  6. Use your team – Lastly, but not least use your team and if you don’t have a team then hire an outsourced team to help you. The research is usually the most time-consuming part, so by hiring someone to do it for you means you will have a simple document to look over and then plan how you can adapt to meet new trends.

So, in summary

Being in the know is essential to keep momentum in growing your business, often once we find something that works we carry on with it and then find that business starts going backwards because customers are going to the businesses that are in the know. Marketing is especially difficult to keep up with and very fast paced so do not try to do it all alone.

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