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How to not waste 260hours a year

Yes, that’s right 260 hours! A staggering 11days that you are spending on average on social media, and that is the minimum. You could even be spending longer.

Not had a family holiday this year because you don’t have the time? 

11days a year could mean a well-earned rest and family time for you to go away on holiday. but business owners are spending a minimum of 5hours a week, 260hour a year on social media for their business with posting, scheduling and being active for their followers.

Social media is essential, but an absolute time suck!

The above statistic just proves that although social media is necessary for business it is sucking up your valuable time to just do the bare minimum. So what do you do? Cut social media out as you don’t get much engagement anyway?


Social media can seem as though it is not working when you feel like you are talking to yourself, however, most prospects will want to see you and your business on social media to learn more about you and to see what people are saying about you. Yes, we have websites to do that, but there’s only so much you can put on a website and it is not as personable as social media – social media shows the real you, your interests, your views, your opinions etc.

So, what can you do to stop wasting time!

Of course, you can outsource your social media and that would be the quickest route to take removing the amount of time spent on the platforms, but you could also outsource part of the task, which if you half it although you will still be wasting time, you will be wasting half the time you currently are. You could just outsource the research, or the image sourcing or the scheduling.

Set up a social media routine & automate! Often we can become sucked into social media reading posts that we didn’t plan to read – oh said person has gone on holiday what lovely holiday pictures they have, oh can you believe said person is divorcing her husband and the list goes on. If this is you, then you need to set your social media boundaries. I have unfollowed people I do not talk to often, which limits the noise in my feeds but I also have set times to check in on social media by silencing notifications – it takes away the temptation to go on social media throughout the day. I also have set the regular groups I contribute into my shortcuts so I go in those groups in my set times to read up on the day’s posts.

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