Over servicing clients

6 reasons why I do not agree I over-service clients

As a business owner, from the very beginning of my journey, I was told not to over service my clients – I found this hard to understand, afterall coming from my work background customers come first! I have recently been told you are doing too much for your clients, being too flexible and they will come to expect this from you.

I do not agree! 

I have been thinking can you really over service clients? For me, I do not agree that you can and below I have three reasons why I disagree.

1. Clients pay me to provide a service – How can you promise you are great at what you do but only deliver 75%

For me, if I am being paid to do something I will do it to the best of my ability which can sometimes mean going above and beyond to get it done. I absolutely love my business and I am very passionate about what I do so if it means working of an evening to get things done so be it. Yes, if you were doing the work for free I would completely agree that it is over servicing!

2. Both clients and I have mutual respect for each others time and business. If I can help get them out of a pickle why wouldn’t I even if I have only have 24hrs notice? 

This is not a regular occurrence at all, but when it happens I am more than happy to dive in and get it sorted. To me, if it is a rarity then what is over servicing about that? We have all been in a situation where a last-minute task has come in and the panic sets in to get it done. If I can help without affecting others clients then I will.

3. Most of my clients are on a retainer and therefore secure my time over the month, sometimes when other tasks arise and the work goes over the secured hour’s clients pay on top of their next invoice. 

Of course, clients appreciate I may not always have the hours there to give them but when I can I absolutely will – And I do not up their rate to adhoc price for going over. I don’t feel the need to punish clients for needing more of my time and if they regularly go over their hours then we discuss upping their retainer.

4. I’m not a ‘yes’ person! If I am unable to achieve a tight deadline for a client I am upfront and honest providing the best timeframe I can meet. 

Being a ‘yes’ person can get you in a lot of trouble, but learning to say no can be hard! I am upfront with clients, if they have asked for tasks to be completed and I cannot achieve it, I will reply with my best date I can achieve the completed task for them. This is always fine with my clients and they appreciate the fact I am honest and don’t pretend that I will get the tasks done in the timeframe when it’s not achievable

5. From the very start, my clients have the service they get for the entire time they are working with me. I do not pretend to be able to achieve goals for clients at the beginning to win them over and then drop the ball! 

Often I find virtual assistants provide a great service on a trial run and once they have won the client they end up not achieving the same service levels. This is wrong because the client has been given a false pretence of what you can do for them and therefore that is what they expect. By being honest with clients from the get-go you not only set a better working relationship but also a long-term working relationship.

6. Me & my teamwork as a team. I would not expect any team members to do something I would not do myself. A lot of the time you can find that the lead virtual assistant will make promises and then drop it on the team to get it done, which not only means low team morale but also leads to bad quality of work.

So, for me, if you are being paid for your time, being paid on time, clients are respecting your boundaries and I am timing the work carried out what is the issue? I am here to provide my clients with an easier life, not make it harder because I do not want to work one evening! It is not to say that I regularly overlook my boundaries, I have two young children and a husband so family time is important but when I have a great working relationship with my clients and have mutual respect I do not see the harm helping out occasionally and I would not class this as over-servicing. 

Are you over-servicing? Or are you providing your clients with a great service?

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