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Are people talking about you?

Yes, that’s right are people talking about you? I ask because if they aren’t then they should be! So, how do you get people talking about you? What can I do to raise brand awareness?

Firstly, surveys! 

Are you asking customers for feedback to make sure you are growing your business and providing high customer experiences? Customer reviews are really important not only to make sure you are providing the right level of service to customers but also to ensure you are learning about your business and improvements that could be made. Also, if you have staff it is a great way to add to conversation’s in appraisal meetings and see if they are performing to the required level for their grading.

How can I gather customer feedback? 

There are plenty of ways you can gain feedback and analyse the outcomes. My favourite is Google forms closely followed by survey monkey although you will need to pay for survey monkey depending on how many questions you are asking. This is also a task that can be outsourced if you are short of time.

Secondly, social media! 

Social media is an absolute must when it comes to your marketing strategy, but often you neglect to ask for customers to leave you reviews. When you go online to buy a product or service 99% of the time you will be looking for the latest reviews from people who have already bought from the company – right? So why are you not asking? Most of the time people will not leave a review unless asked so don’t be shy!

How can I ask customers to leave feedback on social media?

Social media reviews need to be a part of your marketing strategy to make sure it is continued. You need to be asking every customer to leave you a review depending on if you are selling a service or product for a one-off transaction or a more regular customer. Personally, I would ask after each purchase for one-off customers, and regular customers I would ask after 3 months. Sometimes you may need to draft something for the customer to adapt accordingly – a lot of people get flustered with what to write so the more instructions for what you require the better.

Thirdly, online directories!

You need to be getting reviews on the directories you are listed on – the more reviews and backlinks the better your SEO ranking will be. The main directory for me would be Google – afterall, when you are looking for a business what do you do? Google, right? So, the more reviews Google find on your listing the higher up the search results you will be.

How do I get feedback on directories? 

It is easy when you think about it, I generally find my listing and send a link to the listing page so all my customer has to do is click the link and write how they find working with me. You are likely to get feedback if you make it easy for the person to do – If you were asked for feedback and everything was easily accessible you would be more inclined to leave your feedback wouldn’t you?

Last, but not least, Word of mouth! 

Word of mouth is still very much the best form of recommendations and reviews. If people are raving about you they will be telling everyone they speak too, and then everyone they speak too and it goes on… Although word of mouth has been around since marketing started it is not going to be going out of fashion anytime soon, most people trust the word of someone they already know and trust so if they like you so will their friends, family, contact, colleague etc.

How do I get people talking about me via word of mouth? 

Quite simply by being you and doing an amazing job! Your customers are going to think highly of you if you are solving their issues and providing a great service to them. So, carry on doing what you’re doing and don’t be afraid to let customers know you have space for other customers too – maybe even offering a referral scheme.

Some more tips! 

You need to be asking for reviews consistently, so you could always automate emails if you are going to be asking for reviews from one time purchases – It will just take the time of setting it up and replying to the review from customers, you cannot just ignore the lovely things people say about you! If you are asking for feedback on regular clients, I tend to make it part of my planning day every quarter.

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