Have you broke through the Twitter noise?

Running a business in the time of digital marketing is great, but very time-consuming, especially when you are trying to get your brand out there on Twitter. Do you find it frustrating and feel like you are just ‘shouting’ trying to be heard?

You are not alone! 

Twitter is a very noisy platform and often becomes too overwhelming to try to work it out. Tweets, frequency, length, content, hashtags and more …

Let’s break the noise together!

Here are my top tips to help you, and make you feel more Twitter confident.

Twitter lists

Are you using Twitter lists? If you are not you definitely should be so you are engaging with the brands & people you want/need to and not missing anything. You can set up lists for prospects, leads, engagers, family and anything else! By adding people to your lists, each time you check on Twitter you can select the specific lists to see just that content… It is that simple.

Twitter search

Are you looking for specific industry professionals? Or maybe you want to check out posts around certain content? That is where Twitter search comes in. You can search hashtags, people, industries, news etc by searching short terms in the search box at the top. So, for an example, if you want to search for simple productivity tips for an SME, you can search for ‘productivity tips’ to get a list of content.

Twitter monitoring

In order to gain momentum on Twitter, you need to be monitoring whats going on especially with followers. To build up your following you need to be following the right people with them following you back – You need more followers than following ideally! So, how do you do it without a painfully long task? Welcome, Crowdfire. Crowdfire can help you to manage your following by simply showing you who is not following back and you can select to unfollow, although this may seem like a mind-numbing task it is essential to building the right following.

Twitter hashtags – Ahh

Yes, I have said it, the hashtags that many people dread and find really confusing to try to get their head around. Questions such as what hashtags do I use, how many hashtags etc – It all seems a bit simpler when you get rite tag. Rite tag finds the best hashtags to use, and makes the task a lot easier & time effective – no more sitting wandering!

Let me know how you get on with breaking the noise, using these simple tips.

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