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6 reasons your startup business needs a virtual assistant

Starting your business is an amazingly exciting time. BUT It is a longggg tough journey too, so it is a necessity to have a help in hand whether that be family, friends, coach or a virtual assistant just make sure you have supporters helping & cheering you on when times are tough – It is the difference between success and failure. I’m not saying you are not going to be able to do it on your own, you possibly can, however, you will not get to where you want/need to be in your business alone.

But being a startup I cannot afford to outsource

By outsourcing, you are going to earn money if you do it properly. By outsourcing the right tasks to the right people you will earn money – yes, really! By planning what to outsource to the right people, not only will your startup business be profitable a lot sooner, but you will be paying less than your rate meaning the hours you get back are able to be used on client paid work.

What are the benefits to me?

There are many benefits to outsourcing tasks, but the top three for outsourcing to a virtual assistant are:

  1. Behind every successful business is a great team! Yes, two heads are better than one and as a virtual assistant, I absolutely love being able to provide valuable input to my client’s plans. Clients often find starting up a business extremely overwhelming so by having a ‘team’ to share the load releases you of some unnecessary stress so you can put your full energy into building a successful business.
  2. Invaluable. Yes, it sounds like I’m blowing my own trumpet but it is true! Virtual assistants have their own business and therefore have a high level of knowledge which can be shared across industries. Learning about industry standards & requirements so you have a ‘knowledge bank’ at the end of an email.
  3. Setting up processes & systems. Whether you are planning on a long-term working relationship with your virtual assistant or on a project basis, virtual assistants are perfect to set up all systems, branding, templates, processes etc which all massively time restrictive tasks that are absolutely necessary. Afterall, if you don’t start off ready then you are not going to be in control at a later date!
  4. Affordable. Virtual assistants work flexibly around you and have their own equipment so there are no hidden costs, the hourly rate you see is the rate you pay! Being able to put them on hold when finances are low means you do not have the pressure of paying an employee but you gain the benefits of an employee!
  5. Higher productivity! Yes, that’s right, by hiring a virtual assistant you are more productive the reason being you can give those tasks you hate doing to your assistant to deal with. Being productive can be hard when faced with a growing task list of tasks you really don’t like doing or actually not comfortable doing. And often the virtual assistant is an expert at those things so can get it done in half the time.
  6. Lastly but not least, is image! Having a startup can be challenging when getting clients as often you will not have a proven track record of client testimonials so your image of being professional is essential. A personal assistant (virtual assistant) can mean potential clients look at you as a legitimate business owner and having staff can showcase you as doing well, and if you’re doing well you are doing something right!

We are only ever going to have 24hrs in a day so waiting until you have time that will never come is not a great plan!

The above are just three reasons why a virtual assistant is the right option for your startup business, but there are plenty more too. If you would like to chat them over, book in for your breakthrough call today.

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