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6 tasks a virtual assistant can help your SME with

Running an SME comes with many benefits but also a lot of responsibility. It is often difficult to not become overwhelmed when faced with an ever growing to do list, feeling slightly out of control, and often having to sort the admin mess out created from the tasks being put on hold.

What can I do? 

You can outsource many of your tasks/responsibilities to a virtual assistant leaving you time to take care of things like running your business!

But what can a VA take care of? 

I thought that would be your reply, so I have put together 5 tasks that a virtual assistant can complete for you. Of course, these tasks are not limited to, and not all VA’s provide the same support so you will need to have a conversation with your chosen VA to get a personalised list, but this gives you a starting point.

  1. Business visibility – Make sure you are still putting your business out there and gaining future leads. In the time of digital being essential, I often find SME’s outsource their social media presence to me. It is a necessity but extremely time-consuming and often businesses find that they are not posting consistently due to time restraints.
  2. Are you in the know of your industry trends? Staying ahead of your competitors is essential in business, and therefore regular research should be carried out. Research should ideally be quarterly and should cover main competitors what they are doing better, what you are doing better, is there a gap you could fill and industry news/updates to show you know your stuff!
  3. Staff management, it is important to keep your staff happy and informed to add to your business success. I will organise regular meetings for your team, create agenda’s, track action point completion from previous meetings, manage leave requests, productivity tracking and generally help collaboration in the team
  4. Are you compliant with industry standards? This often slides, with filing being out of control, standards updating and not having the opportunity/time to update your processes, staff training etc. By being compliant with industry standards it puts you in better standing to be an industry leader in your field.
  5. Do your images look pretty and on brand? Visual marketing is a big deal if you are scanning social media and see a pretty image you are more likely to stop and read that post, aren’t you? It is also a great time to make sure your images are consistently on brand so you become recognisable and people become familiar with you and your business. I can do that for you!
  6. Lastly, but not least office admin tasks, such as stock ordering/tracking, calendar/inbox management, CRM updating, client feedback and generally keeping the office under control.

So, as you can see there is a wide range of tasks you can outsource and not have to deal with, which in turn means you get a lot more time back in your day and a business that is ticking over smoothly. The best plans and ideas are always when we have a clear head and in order to have a clear head, you need to clear your mind of overwhelm!

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