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How do you do it?

A virtual assistant for multiple clients, a wife, a mum, a business owner, a daughter, a sister … and the list goes on means a busy, tiring life! I am often asked how on earth do you juggle multiple commitments. My response…


Being organised and having a routine is absolutely vital to successfully juggle business and life. Without it, I would be a tired, stressed individual and fail with business and life.

Whats the secret? 

I hate to tell you this, but there is no secret to getting your life in order. But my one top tip to getting your life organised is a little system called Todoist! Todoist was a game changer when I came across it and I absolutely could not do without it now. Of course, everyone is different and what works for me might not work for you, but there’s no harm trying it out – after all your not going to lose anything, but you could gain a lot!

What is Todoist?

It is as it says in its name, a to-do list. You can download it as a phone app, chrome extension and computer app so you can literally control your list/life from anywhere.

How do I use it?

I use it for my entire life, so I have two separate projects, work & personal. Within the projects, I have sub-projects which in work have each client and then within the individual client projects I have every task I complete for the said client. In the personal section I have separate projects again with shopping, birthdays, to do’s such as house cleaning etc. Each task is allocated a date to complete and a time to complete it, I also set recurring tasks up so weekly tasks reappear once completed. Using Todoist means I never forget something, and it also means I am not overwhelmed as I can always see what is coming up for the next seven days – no unexpected surprises!

Can I collaborate with people?

Absolutely, for my personal project, my husband has access too so as an example if we need anything from shopping and he picks it up on his way home from work he can literally open Todoist and get what is on the list. I am notified when a task has been completed so there is no confusion. For my work projects, I am able to share certain tasks with an associate which again means rather than having to compile a list and get updates we can see what is going on in one central place.

So, in summary

I absolutely could not do without Todoist now, I even made a short video with how I use it here. Go and check it out, I’m sure you will love it as much as I do.


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