Could your website use some sparkle?

Being a business owner comes with lots of responsibility, one of which is keeping everything up to date such as your social media and website. Most businesses have their website and social media up and running and then once their business becomes busy it takes a back seat, and before you know it, it has been months and your website has no up to date information and your social media posts have not been consistent therefore your SEO rating has reduced massively. With a lower SEO comes a reduced clientele – and no business wants that!

What should I be updating my website and social media for?

Simply put your SEO! The more consistent and visible you are the higher you rank for SEO. Digital Marketing is a big part of getting your business out there, and when I say digital marketing, the best and biggest streams are Social media and websites. So, you should have a social media plan and a content plan for your website, but if you have these in place have you been consistently following your plan? I bet not if you are reading this. Your website should have up to date content, a regular blog to bring traffic to your site and keeping up with the trends in your industry. Your social media should have regular and good content for your audience to relate to and advertising your business – DO NOT just shout about your business, it will get you nowhere!

I know I should be updating but I don’t have the time

If you do not have the time to keep the platforms up to date then you most certainly should either:

  1. Find the time
  2. Outsource

Not having or making the time can mean your business stays stagnant. This might be fine at the moment while you have clients and projects etc but what about when they finish? You need to make sure you have a consistent stream of leads to ensure your business is a success and you are not left in a panic trying to find clients at the last minute. So, always think ahead!

Find the time?

There could be ways that you can find time but have not thought about so I have given you some ideas here:

  1. Start your day earlier – Yes, getting up just 1hour earlier means you could regularly work on your business
  2. Schedule the time into your workload/capacity – This is not billable work so can mean you lose out financially, however, your business is a necessity not optional.
  3. Work evenings – This should be managed though to avoid burnout!


Outsourcing is a major step for any business that wants to grow – you cannot do it all on your own! But often professionals don’t know where to start, do you need a Marketing manager, do you need a virtual assistant and the list goes on. As a virtual assistant, I offer a varied skill set to my clients to make their lives easier which includes social media scheduling and website updating. A Marketing manager would be the better choice if you want all your Marketing taken care of without input from you, but this will be more expensive than a virtual assistant.

You have a choice

So, as you can see from my examples above you have options to make sure your business sparkles and doesn’t go dark! Utilise these options, do not be left struggling along.


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