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Is your blog lonely?

Being a business owner comes with a growing ‘to do list’ and one of those tasks is to regularly write a blog. Yes, it is not essential but to gain a good SEO you should really consider it with you aren’t already.

A blog takes up time!

Yes, to write a blog with good content it does take up time: researching for content, finding an image that will visually pull readers in, thinking of the subject matter to write about let alone the time to actually put all of this together. But I look at it as a necessity, not a nice to do.

Yes, I write a regular blog but nothing comes of it

This is probably because no one knows it is there! I have spoken to many business owners previously who said they gave up writing a blog as it is too time-consuming and they never receive anything back in engagement/leads. But I soon realised the reason they didn’t have engagement is that they were just scheduling the post to go to all the social media platforms and that’s it – task complete.

Or is it?

Writing the blog is just one step in the right direction, but you actually need to let people know it is there! Just scheduling the post on social media and your website is not enough. We all know how noisy social media can be, and most posts can go unnoticed unless people are reminded/shown they are there. It could be the worlds best content but if it is not ‘out there’ nothing will come of it.

How do I get it out there? 

Once you have written a blog you should:

  • Schedule to post on your website and social media
  • Create a blog image where viewers will become familiar with your brand
  • Post in groups on social media
  • Reuse your blog content

I know you are going to say but I don’t have time. My answer is you need to make time or outsource the work. Otherwise blogging is not for you and you need to work even harder to keep your SEO ranking well.

So, Don’t leave your blog lonely – Get it out there, be proud of your hard work that has gone into creating useful content.


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