Don’t be left worrying over spilt milk!

Do you make mistakes? Of course you do, after all, we are only human! But making a mistake and how you deal with the mistake is vital in how people view you.

Do you own your mistake?

It could be something really small or really big BUT being able to own your mistake is really important. By owning your mistake means you are able to learn from it to avoid making it twice, and most clients would not be too bothered by the mistake as longs as it is not a regular occurrence.

But I’m embarrassed!

Yes, we all get embarrassed when we mess up, and if you are like me, I beat myself up from the minute I have made the error too when I know it is resolved. It is just expected and your mind starts playing tricks with thoughts of ‘i must be rubbish at what I do’ etc – however, this couldn’t be further from the truth and I know that because if you ‘sucked’ at your job you wouldn’t care that you made a mistake!

How I deal with a mistake

Whenever I make a mistake I generally always realise within a short space of time. Depending on the mistake my first step is to put it right and then to inform my client – If I can say to my client ‘im sorry I messed up but I have corrected it and made a note to not make the same mistake’ it is a lot better than I am not messing up and needing my client to fix my mistake – It shows I have taken ownership and put it right.

Sometimes mistakes are too big to correct

Yes, absolutely, however, once the mistake is made you cannot turn back time, so learn from the error – learning is what helps us grow as business owners don’t it? If you don’t take ownership your client is more likely to be cross as they would spend time trying to figure out what went wrong to just work out it was you anyway, so seeming like you have no idea just makes you look incompetent and not paying attention to detail. We are all in business and learning everyday and business owners alike will be in the same boat.

When have I made a mistake? 

I am not too proud to admit I have made mistakes in business but I have changed my mindset to learn from the mistake. The one mistake that comes to mind was when I started out in business, I had put my business last on my list of priorities which is a big mistake. Although my clients are important, I have learned that my business comes ahead of my clients.


Short answer – because without a business I don’t have clients! I realised this the hard way as when I got my first few clients I thought excellent its all in place and I let my marketing slip which in turn led to a couple of clients projects coming to an end and I had no leads in line whatsoever. So the effect on me? Stress, financial worry, personal worry and a month of constant marketing filling the gaps of those clients which meant me having no life!

So, own up – whats the worst that can happen? Don’t worry about something that cannot be changed, it has happened so learn from it.


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