Pulled in all directions?

Running a business as a freelancer or independent consultant has its benefits, but it also has its downsides. A big problem most ‘one (wo)man bands’ face is being pulled in all directions by multiple clients as well as their own business – sound like you?

You are not alone, I have even been there myself! 

It is difficult to manage. You need to market your own business, but then you are at capacity with client work which ends up with you spending your evenings & spare time working on your business. This is a dangerous place to end up as it will eventually lead to burnout.

How did I end up in this situation? 

Ending up in this position is purely because of your thinking about your business. Most business owners start out with thinking their business comes second once they have clients on board, however, this is not the case your business should come first! Afterall, without a business, you do not have clients and without clients, you do not have a business. You can find that you end up learning the hard way – like most business owners, they don’t spend the necessary time marketing their business and a client project comes to an end or your client leaves which means you are stuck with no leads in the pipeline and the stress of finding the missing income QUICKLY!

So, what should I do? 

At the moment you will be overwhelmed with all the tasks, and client work you need to keep on top of, plus your growing to do list. I would recommend two options below:

  1. Outsource tasks to a virtual assistant or relevant professional. By outsourcing tasks, you are able to get the tasks completed while not having to turn away work or lose out financially – even though you are paying to outsource generally the fees you will be paying are less than your rate.
  2. Start including your business into your work schedule by tracking your time. I expect most of you will be using a time tracker to keep on top of time used on client work, but most will not be using this for their own business. Time tracking allows you to really see how much time is used, therefore, how much time you need to schedule. Although this could mean financially you may reduce your income slightly, but it provides you with a much more stable income. TIP I use Toggl for time tracking and it works great PLUS it is free.

Do not be pulled in all directions when you do not need to

It will only lead to stress, overwhelm and not enjoying your business.


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