Are you in control of your bubble?

So, of course, when I say bubble it is your business bubble! Are you running your business or is your business running you? Are you chasing your business?

I expect your business is running you if you are reading this! 

Running a business is hard work. It takes lots of determination, hard work, persistence, sacrifices and discipline. But it should also be fun and rewarding. There are many business owners that have been run by their business and reach burnout because they lose the vision of what they want, their ‘why’ and most of all to make sure they are having some ‘me time’.

Do you find yourself having to remember really hard the last time you had a break? 

If this is you, then you are definitely due some ‘me time’ and need to make this a priority. You are at your best when you have had a rest. Sure, your likely to still be thinking of things you can implement, things you can improve on – that’s just part of being a business owner – You don’t need to forget about your business altogether to have a break. It is just nice to have some time to analyse your business without the pressure of carrying out ‘work’ duties too.

But I can’t just disappear to take a break

Of course, you cannot just disappear that would not look good to your clients but booking time off is expected even when you are self-employed! Your clients will not think negatively of you for taking a break.

But, what about my work? 

Outsource! By having a trusted virtual assistant you can take a rest with the assurance that your VA has it covered and if there is anything you need to be made aware of they will get in touch with you.

I try to take a break but struggle to ‘turn off’

You are not alone! Many business owners including me struggle to turn off from their business – after all, it is our passion & livelihood. But there are things you can implement to help for example I use Gmail and I pause my emails from my work account along with an out of office suggesting if urgent my clients contact my associate. Get in touch for some tips personalised to you!

Do you know the symptoms of burnout? It is important to keep on top of it otherwise you can start disliking your business and that is no good for anyone!


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