Virtual Assistant

Sharing my book of magic

Running a Virtual Assistant business means being knowledgeable about ALOT of software. My clients generally either have a full set up and just need help maintaining it or they don’t have a set up at all so rely on me knowing what software will fit their needs the most and to set it up for them. I wanted to share some of my tools I use with my clients, as I find them so helpful I could shout it from the rooftops.

So, how do I make it happen? 

I am not going to say I am clued up on every piece of software out there because I’m not. I have learnt along the way many different software platforms, however, I want to share with you the ones I find the most helpful in running my business – and guess what they are all free!

Here they are


I absolutely love Gmail. In the corporate world, of course, I was using Outlook so I must admit the jump from Outlook to Gmail took some getting used to but I don’t regret it one bit. Gmail has so many cool features but one I love is Boomerang. Boomerang is a Gmail extension where you can schedule emails, schedule regular emails, automatically have the email resent if its not opened in a certain amount of time etc.

2. Insightly

Well Insightly, what a hidden gem that is. I use Insightly as my CRM to manage clients but also to manage prospects and opportunities I am looking out for. There is so much to Insightly that you definitely need to take a peek for yourself as you could pretty much manage your whole business from just that one piece of software!

3. One Drive

Cloud storage is super important in business, as business owners we need to save and work on documents at different times and share amongst others. I rate One Drive as it has never failed me, they are generous with their storage without paying and it is always fast and easy to navigate.

4. We Transfer

Need a secure way to send a large file to someone but email is not cutting it? Look no further We Transfer is a great piece of transfer software. It is fast to load, fast to send and even notifies you when the document has been received and read!

5. Trello

Difficulty keeping track of all the many tasks you have for your business, staff lacking communication? Trello is the answer for you! Trello is similar in the set out to Pinterest in my opinion, you have boards for each project and then cards under each board which are kind of the tasks to achieve that project. You can set due dates, allocate the cards to the team, see what is being worked on so the work is not being duplicated and many more features.

6. Todoist 

Lastly but not by any means least is Todoist. This has literally changed my life, it is a to-do list, where I have my personal lists and work lists of everything I need to do. You can allocate tasks to others when you need to, set up regular tasks, set up projects and then sub to-dos to make the project work… I could literally talk all day about this, so definitely one to look at.

Here are my favourite pieces of software, I would love to know if you agree.