What to consider before you hire a Virtual Assistant…

As a business owner hiring anyone is a big decision, and hiring a virtual assistant is no different which leads me to ask, have you really taken into consideration what is right for you and your business? Most people don’t, and they tend to get stuck in a position where they don’t know where to start – afterall your busy that’s why you need a VA!

But not considering whats right for you can lead to hiring the wrong VA!

Yes, that’s right the WRONG VA! I say wrong because being a VA myself I know all too well that not everyone is suited to every business owner. It is the same as anything really such as your hairdresser – just because there is a hairdresser across the road doesn’t mean it is the right one for you! You need to have the right fitting personalities to each other, similar work ethics etc.

So, what should I consider before hiring a VA?

  • Complete a full business & life audit which allows you to be in a position to highlight where you want to be and what your goals are to get you there?
  • Are you open to suggestions/input from the VA? This could be around systems, processes or even just the way you work.
  • Can you relinquish control over those tasks? This will be a big issue if you choose a VA that works independently without needing direction
  • Will the tasks you plan to outsource need system access? Make sure to plan to do that straight away to ensure the VA can hit the ground running
  • Do you have software to share passwords without breaching your privacy? This could be LastPass. If you don’t I highly recommend setting this up sooner rather than later
  • You are hiring another business to help with your business so it is important to not try to treat a VA as an employee. VA’s are business owners just like you.
  • Take into account things like logistics. Although VA’s can work from anywhere in the world for some the time difference can cause issues!

Of course, there are other things to take into consideration

But, for me, the above are the most important points to look at. If you are going to hire a VA and have not planned yourself then please take time out to consider these important points first! It will save you a headache and money, in the long run, believe me!


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