Are you up in the air?

I was undecided about outsourcing when my business took off. I put it off and put it off until I eventually made the jump and done it – I hired a cleaner!  It is ironic really as my business is telling people it is ok to outsource and you absolutely cannot do everything yourself but why did it take me so long to take my own advice?

I guess I was scared

I found myself making excuses and asking what if, what if the cleaner doesn’t do it how I would, I don’t have time to build trust with a cleaner, what if they don’t like dogs (I have two big dogs!) etc… Then found myself justifying doing it all – mother, wife, homemaker, businesswoman and day to day tasks, after all, others can do it so why can’t I?

The answer is simple, we all lead very different lives

What I expect of myself might not be what somebody else expects of their self, priorities are different, I have young children someone else may have adult children and business goals differ for all businesses. So, what I am getting at is do not compare yourself to others – Do what is right for you and your family!

Do you find yourself being undecided?

I always say if you are undecided about something like outsourcing then you must need to do it otherwise there wouldn’t be a decision to make would there. Looking into what to outsource because you realised you needed a bit of help or just aren’t living the lifestyle you imagined is a step in the right direction but making the plunge is a scary one, however, I can honestly say it was the best plunge I have made.


It has given me time to fully focus on what is important to me and my family. When you are doing too much you often find that you are not giving tasks your full attention which leads to mistakes and feeling guilty / stressed. So all in all by hiring a cleaning I am a better wife, mother and businesswoman.

What will you be outsourcing first?


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