Your Image is important

In business your image is everything.  Afterall the more professional and bigger your business looks the more likely your customers are to buy from you rather than your competitors. Heres an example, I asked for a quote to redo our driveway from 5 companies – guess how many got back to me? one, that’s right one company came back to me so guess who got the work… I was concerned with how much business the other companies must be losing for the sake of not having someone around to answer new inquiries.

The image that’s important in business

Are you a one-man band? That’s fine, as longs as you are managing your workload effectively and your customers/competitors do not catch on to the fact you are not in complete control. Would you hire a freelance one-man band that is chaotic? I wouldn’t as I would be worried that they are not able to provide their full attention to my work.

Clients of mine have hired me purely to create an image for their customers, having a PA dealing with queries provides the vision of a successful, professional business dealt with in a timely manner. If only those other four companies as above had hired some help!

outshine the rest!

That’s right, the number one rule in business is to stand out from the crowd! It is very easy to follow along, but that will not build you your successful business like you hope for. It is scary being different, having different opinions, different skills etc but it will all be worth it when you are leading your industry would it?

Just by hiring a virtual assistant not only will it portray your business is growing and successful, but it also gives you the assurance that there is someone else with you helping with your business when you need a second opinion or just some extra help.


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