8 tasks to outsource to a Virtual Assistant

If you are reading this you are probably intrigued by hiring a Virtual Assistant, but the first question that people usually ask is ‘what can I outsource to a Virtual Assistant’ and what will they do.

Here I go through eight tasks you can outsource to a Virtual Assistant, what the tasks entail, what a Virtual Assistant will do the tasks and how much time roughly it will save you.

 1. Market research

Market research is essential for any business whether it be regular researching of competitors around your or research a new product you are looking to launch and the best way to do it. Virtual Assistants can take care of this for you all you need is to provide the objective of the research and a template preference if you have one. On average regular research can take upwards of 1hr a week depending on the detail required.

2. Diary and inbox management

We all know how frustrating it is when you are back and forth trying to fit a meeting in that suits all attendees but it is essential when your business involves meeting clients and liaising with others in your network. Outsourcing to a Virtual Assistant requires very little from you as longs as you hire an experienced VA, the only real requirement is diary & inbox access, contact names, who the contacts are (so importance) and any preferences you have if at all. Diary management can take up huge amounts of time and on average I have saved my clients 2hrs by taking control of their diary & inbox.

3. Document formatting

Have you ever been in the position where you have been in a meeting and need to electronically keep the notes rather than creating a massive paper pile in your office that never gets looked at again? I understand why many businesses end up with a huge paper pile as it is time-consuming sitting typing everything up or formatting your Powerpoint to your branded template. A Virtual Assistant can do this for you which leaves you able to search & share the document when required but also keeps everything in one place so you know you have everything you need. All you need to do is scan/send the documents & any particular templates to your Virtual Assistant (which will take a lot of time, yes, to start going through your paper mountain but if you get into the swing of after every meeting scanning or sending it via post it will be a massive life saver for you). Formatting/typing documents can be time-consuming but as all documents are different I am working out an average time from my current clients of 2hrs a week.

4. Social media management

Do you have a plan for social media content or do you just wing it when you have time? Social media is a helpful platform for all business in their MArketing strategy so it is essential it is done right and consistently. Social media marketing will not work if you just post occasionally and have no real thought about what you’re posting. A Virtual Assistant can manage your social media and make sure there is consistently visibility of your business. All your Virtual Assistant needs are access to your social media management system such as Buffer, and then your target industry to make sure content is relevant. Social media posting can take around 1hr a week to schedule a week’s posts.

5. CRM management & set up

CRM for clients & your staff is essential to keep your business running smoothly and keeping leads on file. With GDPR taking affect you need to make sure you are keeping details on a safe system and it is GDPR compliant. Keeping details up to date can be tough and keeping them completely secure without a system in place can be even tougher. A Virtual Assistant can set up and maintain a system for your client & staff details making sure it is compliant. All you need to do is either send your current system/spreadsheet and leave the VA to do the rest. CRM management takes anything from 30mins a month depending on the amount of data.

6. General admin support

Such as ordering supplies, typing up and sending letters etc can all be completed by a Virtual Assistant. For this example, I will use the ordering of supplies, in which I set up a spreadsheet detailing supplies and frequency to be ordered all I need from you is your preferred suppliers and account numbers. This is another task that along with other tasks can take up a lot of your time. Again with the supplies requirement being different, I have based this on my current clients, they save 1hr+ a month by me carrying out the task.

7. Travel booking & itineraries

Booking travel when you travel regularly be it by train or plane can mean you spend a lot of timing looking through the internet finding the best deal and the times that will work for you. All we need from you is any travel preferences you want. A Virtual Assistant generally has contacts in the travel industry which leads to them finding the best deal in a fraction of the time it takes you, the VA is then able to create an itinerary that’s easy for you to see where you need to be and what time. On average this takes 1hr weekly.

8. Personal PA duties

Sourcing special occasion gifts for family, friends, and clients in a timely manner, sending out seasonal cards etc are all important to do but take up your time so why not outsource to a Virtual Assistant. A Virtual Assistant is a PA working virtually so anything you need help with a VA will support you. All you need to provide is important dates, likes don’t like and anything else that’s relevant. Generally, this saves around 15mins+ a month.
 The above is by no means all a Virtual Assistant can help with, it is just an example of what you can outsource.
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