In a muddle? I love sorting out muddles!

When you are in business it is easy to try to do everything yourself which in turn leads to a bit of an admin muddle!

Everyone has tasks that they don’t particularly like doing or it is not their forte and business admin is a big one.

So why not outsource to someone who likes the tasks you hate?

Admin can often be put on the back of the to-do list until it then becomes a matter of urgency and you are left muddling around trying to get information together – That client you said you will get back in touch  within 6 months, 8 months later you remember to contact said client but cannot remember their name let alone where you left their contact details.

Admin can be stressful for business owners, when you a) Don’t like doing it & b) organising is not your forte. 

Every business owner has tasks to outsource that waste their valuable time, whether that be cleaning, admin, social media, childcare – we all outsource something in our life which in turn makes our life easier this is why I find it so hard to understand that business owners I have met do not outsourced admin when they absolutely hate doing it.

Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work – Aristotle

Many business owners have reasons for not yet outsourcing their admin such as not knowing a VA exists, hard trying to find the right VA, don’t have time to discuss to outsource, it’s expensive… And the list goes on. BUT your business will stay put until you free up time to run your business and not your business running you!

But, what can you outsource? 

Virtual Assistants skill sets are very varied. You have traditional VA’s, then you have techy VA’s and VA’s that do both. I am a VA that offers traditional tasks such as diary management, inbox management but also some techy marketing skills such as social media management, lead funnels, document formatting, newsletter creating etc. I personally love a varied role and really enjoy learning new skills which have led me to be able to offer a range of services.

So what are you waiting for? You can get in touch with me to book a breakthrough call or take a look at my website to see a list of testimonials from clients I have already helped and still do.


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