Juggling time – School holidays approaching!

Let’s face it the main reason a lot of business owners (24%*) made the scary jump to running their own business is to get the flexibility to work around parent duties – Sounds perfect to people looking in doesn’t it ‘Oh you’re so lucky to be able to work when kids are home!’

Lucky! Not so much – Are you juggling parent duties & work commitments? You’re not alone.

The reality is, it can be tough and stressful if you go into school holidays unprepared. So how do you prepare? Here are my tips for getting through the holidays without anxiety!

  • Prepare, prepare, prepare. Yes, I know I have said it above, but it is so important, you prepare everything: Plan your working schedule (start time, lunch time, dinner time, end time, breaks – everything) – but be careful not to schedule an unachievable time!
  • Early mornings can set you in good stead for the day – while the house is quiet and peaceful you will be amazed at how productive you can be.
  • Set ground rules with the kids – When the door is shut I’m on an important call so will be out once I have finished and if it’s a scheduled call prepare 10minutes before to make sure the kids have an activity to keep them entertained – mine currently is Paw Patrol!
  • Do one fun thing in the morning such as park visit, work from a coffee shop for breakfast out, take the dog for a run in the field – and of course set games along the way such as who can throw the ball further. This is my must do.
  • Prep for lunches, dinners, outfits etc for the week on a Sunday so anything that can be sorted in advance takes the pressure off during the week. I even have a seven-story draw unit where it has each day wrote on the front and in each drawer has the clothes, underwear, socks etc they will wear for each day.
  • Let them think they are your helpers for the day – Set up a desk/work area for them with some pens, paper, scissors etc and ask them to help make you things such as can you make me a card for the client etc. My kids love feeling as though they are ‘helping’ and get some pocket money at the end.

Overall, try to get out and about to places that have Wifi! The kids are entertained, and you get a bit of peace!

I have learnt how to juggle both being a parent & running a business, but it doesn’t mean I don’t get twitchy each time school holidays approach. It just means I feel in control of the situation and I know I can successfully achieve it like I have many times previously. You can, of course, look to outsource some tasks over school holidays to help take the pressure off and if you’re stuck on what to outsource here’s my services and 3 tips to your more productive day blog

*Taken from The Guardian