What a hero Virtual Assistant can help with for 10hrs a month

You see others using VA’s and even find so many VA’s to choose from but you are just not clear what tasks you can outsource and how long this will take a VA to complete.

You are not alone…

I often find clients say to me ‘oh I didn’t realise you could help with that’ or ‘I overestimated on how many hours I would need for the tasks to be completed’.

So, I want to provide you with an easy example of what you could get for 10hrs a month (why 10hrs, this is purely because it is the most common package for my clients to sign up to).

Here we go

  • Social media scheduling on all of your platforms (depends on how many posts on each platform a day/week). So let’s say Twitter twice a day, FB once a day, Linkedin 3 times a week, Google+ once a day, Instagram once a day, Linkedin Business 4 times a week.
  • Weekly Blog/Newsletter – The formatting, uploading & scheduling
  • Calendar management
  • Proofreading of a large document or 2 smaller documents

Of course these tasks will vary massively depending on what you need/want to outsource, but hopefully provides you with a brief overview of what you can actually outsource for the time.

All in all, these tasks are essential but time-consuming and you will be amazed if you timed each task with how long they take to complete and therefore by outsourcing them to a VA you will gain all that time back to pursue your business goals – Or however you would like to spend the time of course!

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