You are not the only one with an admin gremlin!

Do you find each day, week, month, a year you are dreading your pile of admin? You’re not alone!*4 days a month is spent on your internal business administration so there’s no surprise it is one of every businesses biggest burden!

YES, 4 days!

This statistic got me thinking, why are there so many business owners that are still struggling on by when they can outsource their admin tasks?

Speaking with clients and within my network, I have found the main points for not outsourcing are: Lack of trust, don’t have the time, too expensive and bad experiences with outsourcing – All very valid reasons.


I have clients that have all thought the same, but looking at it this way:

Lack of trust – Do you only purchase goods from a store because its essential to meet the seller to trust them? I’m guessing your answer to this is no! Outsourcing usually brings a FREE consultation chat which is more than you have when purchasing goods online – Outsourcing tasks is no different. You would look at business reviews, go on word of mouth, only use professional looking businesses etc… It takes time to build trust, but you will very quickly learn if the outsourcing company is for you.

Don’t have the time – So you don’t have the time to outsource your time-wasting tasks that use 4 days of your valuable time each month? Yes, I see your reasoning that in order to outsource tasks you need time to find the right person but also to talk them through tasks, however, if you don’t make the time now you will be stuck in this admin hole throughout your business life and you will come to a halt. To expand your business you need to spend time in your business – Which means you need to free up your time to do this!

Too expensive – Ok yes from first impressions it seems outsourcing is expensive so you decide it’s not worth the money but I disagree, this is why your rates are likely to be higher than that of an outsourcing business so what you need to look at is if you charge £45ph and a VA charges £25ph you are actually costing your business £45 for each hour you are spending on admin rather than £25 also minus an admin headache! Doesn’t seem expensive now does it….

Bad experience – Yes, after all the points I really can understand this one. I have clients that have had a terrible experience previously and it makes it a lot harder for people like me putting it right! But again if you have a bad experience in a clothes shop do you never visit another clothes shop? No, it is the same principle here you move on until you find the right fit for you and your business. Any professional will completely understand and help you along with your reservations.

So, are you staying part of the *67% that have an admin burden?

If there are any other reasons behind not outsourcing I would love to hear what they are

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*Stats source