VA vs AI

So, you see lots of VA’s and think ‘why do I need a VA when I have a VA (AI) on my phone’!

I can see why you think a VA is no different to a VA on your phone after all they have the same title right?

Yes, but they are complete opposites in how much value they add.

VA (AI) on your phone is a great help for asking Q’s or giving instructions such as ‘ring mum’. And we have all been there when having a meeting and AI kicks in with an unrelated comment to the meeting ‘like pizza hut is 5 minutes away’! Very unhelpful sometimes!


When it comes to providing help for you to save time your phone cannot format documents, deal with diary clashes, arrange your inbox, compile a Market research document and the list goes on….

So, depending what you want help with depends whether or not a VA or AI is right for you.

If you just want some basic help then your phone will probably do, but if you need an Assistant without hiring an employee to outsource tasks too then a human VA is definitely the right choice for you.