Avoiding the distracting office

Want to outsource but worried about not working in the same room as your VA?

Don’t be!

Yes, this is easy for me to say I know but hiring a VA should be the same as buying any other product/service. I am always confused as to why VA’s are treated differently compared to other businesses.

A lot of the time I find it stems from not really understanding what a PA (VA) does vs a traditional secretary which means businesses don’t really know what they can outsource to a VA if they don’t need ‘diary management’!

PA’s (VA’s) are very resourceful to businesses as their skill set is often extremely varied which means they are able to duck in and out of different tasks without it being ‘out of their scope’.

Which leads me to ask you ‘why are you uncomfortable about a VA working remotely’?

You buy a celebration cake, you don’t sit in the shop while they are making it for you, do you?

You hire a cleaner, you don’t walk around the house after them do you?

You have a web designer design your website, you don’t sit and watch them do you?

And the list can go on …..

When you buy a product/service it is because you are too busy or you want a professional to do it – not because you cannot do it yourself.

Finding the VA that is right for you should be the same as buying any product/service: You check reviews (testimonials), you don’t go for the cheapest (quality), you do your research (don’t go for the first one) and you ask around.

Avoid the office distractions!

Working with remote freelancers have huge benefits to businesses, when I was employed I was always a lot more productive working from home for two main reasons:

  1. Cut out the commute time, which meant more time working
  2. Not involved in office distractions – when you are working and someone comes to have a ‘chat’ before you know it 30minutes have passed by!

I generally work with clients via email, this is because juggling numerous clients means I would never get anything done if I am always taking unscheduled calls.

Do you take unscheduled calls?