CASE STUDY | How I saved a Marketer 2 hours a day


The regular compliment from clients, here I want to provide you with a bit of background as to why.

I mainly support freelance Marketing consultants (this is an industry I know and love), basing this example on one client that I have saved 40hrs a month! That’s 10hrs a week, 2hrs a day – Sounding good having an extra 2hrs a day to find more clients, spend with family, work on current clients work or even just have a bit of ‘you’ time. Now you are asking…


How can I save you 2hrs a day? There’s no secret here, no hidden time machine it is just sensibly ‘outsourcing’. My client has outsourced their research tasks to me not only for my client’s business but the research they carry out for their client too – After all Market Research is a very time consuming but essential task for every business, so it is definitely a task which you should be outsourcing if you aren’t already.


Of course, I have very affordable packages meaning you can get the work done without sacrificing costs in your business to do so. The majority of the time clients pass the cost onto their clients to meaning it is actually not costing you anything and your clients are paying less for the work to be completed at a lower rate – It will make you very popular with your clients!