CASE STUDY |Key of trust!

I found a potential client on Linkedin that fitted my ‘ideal client’ avatar so I got in touch to see how we could work together. But disappointingly this client was not too happy with Virtual Assistants – the client had a very bad experience with a VA overpromising and under delivering.

This really played on my mind

I am a firm believer in VA’s being the extra pair of hands that all business owners could do with. I just couldn’t let this go and knew I had to restore the client’s faith in VA’s.  Not only for VA’s but also for the client and their business – The client was in massive need of help.

I let things lie for a week or so as it seemed quite a fresh issue the client had faced, and I spent this time finding out where the client’s problems lay, what the client really needed help with and then providing the clients with tips to help them.

This not only meant the client saw that I was genuine in wanting to help them and their business but also that I did actually know how to help them.

After a week both the client and I had a call to talk things through – I really wanted to know what had happened previously and I figured it out very quickly – the VA was charging £12per hour! This was a prime example of why you really do get what you pay for. If you want some data input then sure go to the cheaper VA but if you are needing more knowledgeable work done you need to pay for the more experienced VA.

So, in this case

The client is actually a regular client of mine on a retainer package and we work very well together. The client has said they made a mistake originally hiring the VA based on cost as this has meant the client has actually paid a lot more than what they would have paid originally by hiring a more experienced VA.

Quote from client ‘I had lost all faith in VA’s until I met Charlotte. Charlotte turned my business and life around and really is invaluable to my business’