Can money buy me happiness?

The old saying that money can’t buy you happiness/time is a saying of the past in my opinion. There are so many ways to reduce your workload without reducing your income. And reading about quite a worrying study has proved to me that a lot of business owners are still struggling on by and I really do not understand WHY!

*50% cancel social plans at least once a week, 25% take less than 10 days’ annual leave and 25% have fallen physically ill due to stress and overwork. (According to a study by insurance provider Simply Business, almost half of the 2,000 individuals surveyed)*

This to me proves that business owners are still not working productively

There are lots of business owners that still say ‘money can’t buy you happiness’ when they are stuck between growing a business that generates income and social commitments – Why should you have to choose between, both are equally important – money to be able to live and social commitments to be able to be happy and have a bit of downtime.

If you find yourself amongst the 2,000 above then here is your answer – OUTSOURCE!

You probably hear about outsourcing regularly, but have concerns about doing so (read my blog here). Whatever your reason for not outsourcing yet I really do hope your concerns have been answered, and if not get in touch with me and we can talk it through. There are so many companies you can outsource work to that you could literally be the face of your brand earning the money without spending all your time working!

Still not convinced?

How about looking at it this way. If you are earning £100 per hour you are costing your business £76 for you to do your hours’ worth of admin – How you ask!

Well, I charge £20-24 per hour so by outsourcing and paying me to do your admin you could earn between £76-80 by not doing your own admin and concentrating on your paying clients/work.

Can you see now why I believe money can bring you happiness?