Want to hire a Virtual Assistant, but don’t have the budget? Here’s how…

Let’s face it being a business owner is expensive. There’s no wonder that when you see Virtual Assistants (VA’s) you think you could really do with a VA but the thought of hiring a VA is an additional expense. But the reality is you have to ‘spend money to make money’ depending on what you want to achieve with your business by having an extra pair of hands.

Chance are if you are thinking about hiring a VA then you NEED A VA!

When it comes to expenses, both personal and business you need to sit down and think ‘what can I do to make it affordable’?

Here’s how to see whether a VA really is not within your affordability

1. Discuss your options with a VA! Many VA’s like myself want to help you and your business. Therefore, often they would put a project in place or offer discounts on retainer rates so you really need to get a true idea of the cost before anything else. Most VA’s offer a FREE consultation so make use of it and I guarantee a VA will be able to help you with more than you think.

Tip: DO NOT go to the cheapest VA! There are many VA’s that charge £15ph which is massively below the normal average of £25+ph. Although this might seem attractive when you are on a budget, you WILL end up spending more money in the long run as they are usually not experienced in their field and make mistakes which VA’s like me are then paid to clean up – trust me this has happened a few times! See my blog here 

2. I offer a client referral programme, which you could earn money from by just successfully referring me. See more here!

3. Look at your business, are there other services you could offer to increase revenue? Maybe offering workshops or setting up accountability groups etc. This will obviously depend on what your company sells.

4. Meet with your accountant, yes that’s right! Generally, accountants can help you find money and put a business plan together to achieve your overall goals. You will be able to see what money you are spending on non-necessities and even subscriptions you forgot you had. With a clear plan of where you want to be and how to make that happen. You will then be able to outsource those tasks to a VA to help and you will get to where you want to be faster.

5. Speak to your accountant about R&D companies to see if you can get any money back on top of your normal yearly self-assessment. As this is such a specialised area many accountants cannot advise but will generally have a company they recommend. I also have a company I refer my clients to so get in touch and I can refer you.

6. Is there anything else stopping you? Sometimes without realising there is an underlying reason as to why you are delaying hiring a VA. Maybe sit down and have a truth session with yourself to see if this is you and if so read my blog about common concerns

These are just some thoughts for you to start with, for anything else get in touch to speak with me