6 reasons not to hire a Virtual Assistant

Hiring a VA is a big commitment to any business owner especially when you don’t quite understand what a VA can bring to you & your business but you know you need help.

Not every VA will be what you are looking for, so you need to make sure you make the right decision to completely benefit from outsourcing. So, I have made a list of 6 reasons NOT to hire a VA

Here it goes!

  1. ‘I don’t have time’ It is that one tool that we all need more of – Time. We can all say I just don’t have time for a 30minute consultation as those 30minutes can be spent getting one of the many tasks on my list completed. Yes, that is true. However, if you sit back and look at it as a 30minute investment for your business then after that quick chat you will never have to use the term ‘I don’t have time’ again.
  2. ‘I can’t afford it’ VA’s are definitely not the ‘cheap option’ and you do get what you pay for (see my previous blog), but if you are thinking about a VA then you must need that help. As the saying goes ‘you need to spend money to make money’ so a VA is more of an investment to your business than an expense. It could also be an opportunity to get your spending up straight!
  3. ‘It won’t work for me’ VA’s work remotely which some people will be thinking that doesn’t work for me I need someone to be with me in order to help me. I don’t agree, apart from getting lunch & tea’s/coffee’s there aren’t any tasks that cannot be actioned remotely even post can be sorted!
  4. ‘How do I know a VA is working when they say they are’ A very big concern of many professionals thinking of working with a VA. I cannot talk for all VA’s, but me personally I like to build relationships with each one of my clients to build trust and really gauge how I can help them achieve their goals in both their personal and work life. I work with timer software and will send a monthly report when requested; lastly, the big one for me is it is my business! I would not want to do anything that would destroy my reputation.
  5. ‘There’s too much choice’ Choosing a virtual assistant can be tough, especially if you put a post in a group or on social media you end up drowning in pitches from VA’s so you need a VA to go through your applications! Every VA has a different offering and skillset so it is important to get clear about what you want from your VA both personality and skillset. I have a team of assistants so I can generally support a variety of clients, my tip would be to search VA’s in your area and then look into skillset matching.
  6. ‘I have had a bad experience previously so easier to do it myself’ as with everything there are VA’s out there who claim to be an expert in tasks they definitely are not, which becomes apparent when tasked with the job and they fail miserably. This is often due to the ‘coaches’ who claim a VA career is an easy work from home option and anyone could do it! This couldn’t be further from the truth, to be a VA it takes huge amounts of organisation, and not everyone is organised and when I hear coaches saying ‘say yes, and then figure it out’ annoys me because this is where the VA’s take on work they have no idea how to do it. There are tasks I can do but I am not an expert in so I would say this up front!


If you’re holding off working with a VA because you have any concerns then get in touch and discuss those concerns with a VA to see what can be done.