6 tips to your more productive day!

Do you often find yourself asking ‘where has the day gone’ or ‘I haven’t got anything done today?

These are statements that I think everyone is guilty of at some time in their life, but having productive days doesn’t just mean your moving forward it also makes us feel pretty good too! So here are my three top tips for a more productive you:

1. Don’t get sidetracked – Do you receive social media notifications on your phone/laptop? If you do I bet you also find yourself saying ‘oh that looks interesting I will just have a quick look!’ … 30 minutes later oops I better get back to work! As a freelancer/business owner, this is 30minutes of your time that you are not getting paid for and means the rest of your day is rushed.

Tip: Turn off your notifications so you are not persuaded to ‘have a quick look’ and set yourself Social media time in your diary – I usually set aside 30 minutes in the morning and 30minutes in the evening – Give it a try I guarantee you will benefit.

2. Ever growing ‘to do’ list – Do you find yourself just adding to your list and never actually getting round to actioning it or completing it at the last minute? This is because we can often think of things that need doing but never actually end up with the time to do them or actually dislike the task so much that we think of other tasks to do instead!

Tip: Yes do add to your list, and yes do prioritise when it needs to be done BUT also make time in your diary to do it. Rather than making reference to specific tasks in your diary just set aside a time of the day that works for you (mornings have always worked best for me) as ‘admin time’ and this way you will be reminded to work on the tasks to be completed for that day – Not only does this make the list more manageable and not so out of control, but it also doesn’t seem as overwhelming and therefore makes you have a feeling of accomplishment once completed.

3. Interesting article dam I don’t have time to read it yet – I bet you have found yourself in the situation when browsing social media you find a really interesting article you want to read but don’t have the time there and then? So yes you could save it to your Social media platform but it is often saved and then never read again as it is hidden away, and there are so many different platforms now that it is often hard to remember which platform it is saved in when you have a spare 15 minutes.

Tip: What if you could have all the articles you want to read in one place? Like your own little library? Well with Get Pocket you can do just that and it suddenly feels like there is no rush you can literally read up at a time that suits you and not worry about forgetting about it!

4. Take a break? Yeah right, I don’t have time for that! My response, you must make time! If you are working continuously, your productivity will reduce, so although taking breaks seems like time wasted it is actually time gained!

Tip: Try Break Time to remind you to take a break at set times. This will help until you are in a routine to automatically do it yourself. Try taking breaks for two weeks I guarantee you will feel better for it and you will notice an increase in your productivity

5. Do you allow yourself thinking time in the morning or do you find yourself rushing around straight out of bed onto work? Routine is the key here. You may not want to get up earlier but once in the routine of doing it, it will turn your life around! Having even just 30minutes extra in the morning to gather your thoughts, plan out the day and have a coffee will make a difference to not only productivity because you can hit the ground running but also to your mindset.

Tip: Do you struggle to wake in the morning? Not a morning person? Try I can’t wake up it is amazing (and annoying) but it will get your mind working for the morning and once your mind is working you are ready to get up! It is a short-term struggle as once you are used to waking earlier you will gradually start waking before the alarm even sounds! 

6. Multitasking, we all do it right? Well, we need to stop! Although in some scenarios it is unavoidable multitasking is actually counterproductive. Not only are you more likely to make errors but you are actually causing yourself to be overwhelmed! Use lists to prevent any conflicting tasks.

Tip: I use Asana and I absolutely love it! Todoist is amazing too, but asana has the full package of managing the team tasks too. Take a look and see if it is for you. 

So here are my 6 main tips for being more productive, feel free to comment on your tips!