How much!?

The term you get what you pay for is so very true in many different situations, and it is true for a VA too.

The standard rate for a VA is £25+ per hour, but like everything, there are VA’s that charge £15 per hour which one will you go for? The £15 VA, right?

Look at it this way

  • You need a haircut so you go along to the cheapest salon? I pay my hairdresser £80 for an hour of service
  • You need your boiler serviced so you go along with the cheapest gas engineer? If a gas engineer diagnoses your boiler problems which can take 5mins-30mins you pay a minimum of £100
  • You need your house electrics rewired so you go along to the cheapest electrician? Electricians will spend days rewiring a house and they are on minimum £45ph
  • You need a new bed so you get the cheapest one? The cheapest bed is not going to be the most comfortable and I guarantee you will have to buy another very soon after as the quality will be less
  • You need a new car so you buy the cheapest one? Cars especially buying the cheapest car you would be cautious and think what is wrong with it right? All those costs associated with fixing the issues the car is bound to have.

And the list goes on……


What if the services/goods are A LOT cheaper than their competitors? You then think but why are they a lot cheaper, what is wrong with it? And the answer is QUALITY. The same goes for VA’s – you get what you pay for. Sure, you can choose the cheaper VA as their price is a lot more appealing BUT in the long run, I guarantee you will save money by choosing the more expensive VA.


A VA is worth their weight in gold but only if you hire the one that’s right for you and your business. Generally, the more experience the VA has the more money you will save by:

  1. VA being able to complete tasks faster – This would be a regular task for them
  2. VA adding more value to your business by sharing the experience they have gained throughout their career
  3. VA getting the job done right the first time and not having to figure it out and hope for the best!
  4. No language barrier that you have with VA’s on job search bidding websites
  5. VA has yours and your businesses best interests at the heart of what they do – They value their reputation and therefore want to go above and beyond for you.

So, does the cheaper VA still look as appealing?

It makes me very angry when I speak to clients/prospects about hiring a VA and they have had their trust shattered by those ‘cheap VAs’ that either haven’t got the job done, not been upfront about working hours, completed the job but the client has had to redo the work, lied about tasks that are outside of their remit and are just generally not interested in following the career of a VA – looking at it like a bit of easy side money!

Think carefully when hiring a VA and make sure they are the right person for you – after all you need to be able to trust your VA to get the most from hiring one!