CASE STUDY: How I saved a client 10hours a month

I had a client approach me about helping support their business – they really were at their wit’s end & stressed out trying to juggle everything, that they didn’t have a clear mind about what they could outsource.

I arranged a Skype consultation, and before we had a chat I asked them to carry out some simple steps and make a note of findings. This enabled me to whittle down in the consultation what the problem areas were and what I could help with. Once we had agreed what I could help we spoke about a realistic budget. We were then able to agree on the support the client needed but without breaking the bank balance!

I now work with this client on a monthly basis by diary management, arranging travel when required, chasing up on leads and carry out ad-hoc tasks as and when – even ordering birthday gifts for family members of the client!

This benefitted the client massively as not only are they not under so much pressure, but they are able to spend some quality time with family knowing their business was in a good place – and even gained more business when they are not even working!

Quote” Charlotte has literally changed my life, she helped me when I was a mess both financially & personally because I just couldn’t keep up with workloads. I wouldn’t be without her now”