Working with a Virtual Assistant

The past week I have been on a family holiday to Center Parcs, we always have so much fun when we visit. It is just me, my fiancée, two daughters & two dogs; so, have plenty of walks, food & swimming (of course!).

It got me thinking while I was away that it is a prime example of how you can work remotely with a virtual assistant – I am able to work from anywhere in the world without causing any problems for my clients (as longs as there’s good Wi-Fi).

There are still a lot of professionals that struggle by with admin as they don’t think they can get support without employing a staff member – which of course comes with added costs, but how wrong they are! Technology is a huge benefit to businesses, it enables me to be able to work remotely and carry out all duties as if I were in the same office – apart from the tea of course.

Where do I work?

I primarily work from my home office, and communicate via email, text & Skype (depending on client’s choice), my clients like the fact that I am around when they need me, and when they don’t they are not having to pay a salary, office space, NI, tax and pension – let’s face it there are plenty of times when work is crazy busy, and then has a quiet period for a couple of weeks, why should you be paying for the quiet period.

How does it work?

Communication is absolutely vital on both sides for a successful working relationship to work. But of course, there is also a lot of trust required between client & VA. I am asked to carry out duties/tasks and as I have built up a good relationship with my clients, it enables me to be able to take the work away and complete within the given timescale.

But what cant a VA do for me?

So, all you hear is what VA’s can do for you but there must be a downside right? Of course, as with anything, there are pro’s and con’s and you really need to work out whether a VA is right for you and your business. A VA is unable to get the coffee, get you lunch and print paper copies of packs and hand them to you – But are these tasks really a necessity over saving money? If it is necessary for you then you are definitely better off hiring a staff member but if you are happy getting coffee/lunch and looking and noting papers on your tablet then a VA is definitely worth investigating – Plus think of all the trees you will be saving!

Location really does not matter these days – but saving you money, time & sanity does!

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