TIP | Maintaining your client contacts

Maintaining an accurate client database/contact list is absolutely essential in the successful running of your business because the most important people in your business are your clients.

There are many ways of updating your client database, but not all are a successful way of doing so. Therefore I am going to show you how I do it successfully and simply.

  • I absolutely love Google/Outlook to carry out all tasks, the secret to a great client list is to have everything in one place – the number of times I have seen businesses with numerous spreadsheets, which ends up being in a pickle
  • In my contact list, I have all relevant client contact details (Kind of a business card)
  • Within that card you have a notes section, this is where I put client information/need to knows such as important dates, family info, last conversation such as holidays etc
  • I also keep important dates in my diary (in the top narrative section) which prompts me to send a birthday email, anniversary email welcome back from holiday email or to just keep in regular contact – meaning you have a client that feels special and therefore happy.

Using this method is not only an extremely simple way of keeping track of client details, it means when you next have your client meeting you are able to easily access important information ahead of the meeting – without scrambling around.