How outsourcing helps you

Business owner / self-employed individual wishing there were more hours in the day?

You’re not alone. The majority of the UK professional population are struggling to complete their tasks in a timely manner which is not only causing unnecessary stress but also affects family life. By outsourcing your tasks, I am able to complete tasks you either don’t want to do or that you just don’t have time to complete – the tasks you hate are the tasks I love! So no more running against the clock!

How do I decide what to outsource?

Deciding what to outsource will be a big decision, but a decision you will never regret – what will you do with all that extra time? You will be very surprised with what work others are able to complete for you, why not start creating a list of your day to day tasks that you really dislike completing or that take up the most time. Once you have this list go through and mark the tasks that are the most time consuming / difficult for you to complete and then decide roughly how many hours you spend on these tasks each month. Once you have this information you are on your way to creating a better work-life balance.

Right, so you have successfully decided what tasks to be outsourced, and even gained a Virtual Assistant what next?

Once you have tasks successfully completed by your Virtual Assistant, you might start wondering why you didn’t get support earlier, this is very often the same thinking all clients have. This is a great time to start re looking at your tasks, and having a discussion with your assistant to see if they can help you with more of your tasks, giving you even more time to concentrate on the important stuff and not paperwork!

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