6 Ways a Virtual Assistant can save you money

Saving money in your business – the highest priority of all small business owner’s, so let me explain how a Virtual Assistant can do just that!

Virtual Assistants are effectively a money saver in their own right, they are freelance assistants that are highly experienced individuals working on a self-employed basis from their home. Many businesses don’t employ an assistant (even though they are really needed) because they simply cannot afford another employee which is where we come in!

Below are just 6 ways a Virtual Assistant can save you money (although there are plenty more reasons!)

1. No regular salary – you pay for the hours you use

That’s right, employees are often distracted by general office chit-chat meaning employers are paying for more hours than the employees are actually working. With a Virtual Assistant you literally pay for what you use, so toilet breaks, general chit chat is not charged to you.

2.  No pension, tax / NI to arrange

Paying for compulsory employee pensions can be extremely costly especially when you only need a few hours of admin support a week. A Virtual Assistant is not an employee, therefore, no pension is required.

3.  No desk/office space to pay

If you hire an employee you have to have space for them to work with general utilities such as toilet, drinks etc which in all can be costly. A Virtual Assistant works from their own office space so you do not need an office.

4.  No upfront cost/upkeep of equipment

Employees have equipment provided to them to complete the job which also comes with IT maintenance which proves costly. A Virtual Assistant provides their own equipment and they are responsible for the upkeep so no additional cost to you.

5.  No holiday, sick or maternity/paternity pay

Employee compulsory benefits can be expensive to employers. A Virtual Assistant does not receive any employee benefits as they are self-employed therefore you do not need to pay for any HR work or staff benefits.

6. No training required – Apart from discussing the way you work of course which is FREE of charge!

Virtual Assistants are highly experienced assistants many of which come from executive level support so they require very little training. The only real bit of training for them is to learn how each client likes the work done as everyone is different so when hiring a Virtual Assistant flexibility to work differently is massively important.

So although at first glance, they can seem more expensive, when you factor in the amount of savings from employee overheads it is actually a cheaper way of business but without sacrificing experience.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you and your business.




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