How many heads are you trying to wear at any one time?

In life, every single one of us has different responsibilities (heads) that can often feel like you are juggling day in day out which can often leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Some of the common heads people are juggling together are:

  • Parent head
  • Business head
  • Caring head
  • Management head
  • Business admin head

When trying to juggle multiple heads it often means you are not able to give your best to each leaving you feeling disappointed that you are failing and not good enough. We get a lot of this from parent guilt e.g. when its a snow day and the school is closed but you have a deadline to meet so your kids need to have a film day rather than enjoying the snow. All parents have been there at some point and if they haven’t I am sure they will in the near future.

You are only human!

Don’t be so hard on yourself, you are only one person and there is only so much we are able to do and not reach burnout!

If you are feeling like you don’t know what to do next then it is time to sit down and plan. The best way is to look at your ‘why’ and then work backwards working out how to achieve your ‘why’ and goals. That way you can analyse your tasks and see what you can outsource leaving you to concentrate on what is important for you.

A Virtual Assistant will take one of your heads and take complete responsibility for it for you so you don’t need to worry

But can I trust a Virtual Assistant to do this when they work remotely? Absolutely just like all other businesses Virtual assistants have their own reputation to worry about and as longs as you hire a Virtual Assistant responsibly check they have insurance, testimonials etc then you will be in safe hands. It is important to note that not all Virtual Assistants are right for everyone so you really need to make sure you make the right decision for you basing on personality and skill set.

So outsource your Business admin head and be in control of your life & business!

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