Virtual Assistant & Data entry

Data entry…. Yes, I know boring, yawn! But, however boring Data entry is it is still an important part of all businesses – Have you ever lost an important business card that could lead to a big client/deal? Or maybe you have spent numerous evenings and weekends filing your documents in Dropbox in an organised manner. This is a job that most business owners dread and I completely understand why. It is not an interesting job for many and organisational skills do not come naturally to everyone.

How do I outsource data entry when its paper based

If you have mountains of paper-based notes such as business cards, notes from your meeting, receipts etc then a Virtual Assistant is able to input all the necessary data onto an electronic file and organise your files so it is within easy access to you – They can even suggest systems that will benefit you such as CRM systems. All you will need to do is send the documents to the Virtual Assistant and then sit back and concentrate on running your business!

I am a bit embarrassed about my data muddle I don’t actually know how to explain where to start

Don’t be! We cannot all be on top of everything – everyone has a hidden secret whether that be a junk cupboard or piles of data in your desk draws a Virtual Assistant is not there to judge you they are there to help you and I personally absolutely love sorting out muddles.

What can a Virtual Assistant do for me?

A Virtual Assistant is able to create and maintain CRM systems, input meeting notes in a Word or Powerpoint document, File emails and documents in a simple way for easy access, research for new work and much much more – Pretty much if it needs doing a Virtual Assistant can do it, well apart from root canal then you need a dentist!


Interested to hear more, here’s some information to help in your deciding

How much!?

Tasks to outsource


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